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Multifamily Specialization & Expertise

We eat, sleep and breathe multifamily.  This is our sole focus, so we invest 100% of our time, effort and resources into understanding the multifamily market in its entirety.  We track everything including the properties, the players, the statistics, the trends, current values and more, in order to successfully align multifamily buyers and sellers.  If you're looking to sell or buy multifamily property, we're confident that we have the experience, resources, relationships and determination to get the job done.

Encyclopedic Market Knowledge & Insight

As multifamily specialists and advisors, our objective is to analyze each unique situation, determine the best alternatives, and then recommend a path forward for property owners and investors.  We collect, study, analyze and share market data on an ongoing basis to help you make timely, educated decisions about your investments.

Huge Database of Multifamily Investors & Properties

Our exclusive Apartment REP database contains literally thousands of multifamily investment principals and agents, as well as detailed up-to-date records on every multifamily property and owner in our market, and it continues to grow each and every day.  We work hard to develop relationships, provide valuable resources, and connect multifamily sellers and buyers.

Proven Disposition Program for Multifamily Sellers

From the initial launch of your marketing campaign, right through to closing, we strategically drive the entire marketing and sales process to help maximize your return.  Our comprehensive disposition materials and methods have been painstakingly developed with one goal in mind -- to ensure the highest probability of achieving your objective.

Winning Acquisition Platform for Multifamily Buyers

By combining our vast multifamily experience and background with our extensive database of apartment properties and owners, we lead the mission to target, identify and evaluate the "right" multifamily asset based on your investment criteria.  We take full advantage of our reputation and relationships to engage owners and establish viable purchase opportunities for buyers.

Extensive Transaction Management Experience

Our role is to help facilitate a smooth transaction all the way through to closing.  With over three decades of successful transaction management experience to lean on, our team knows how to work through the process and keep the transaction moving forward.  From contract signing to closing the sale, we manage the transaction every step of the way.

If you're considering selling a multifamily asset, please feel free to call us at 919-866-9984 to discuss how we can help achieve your objectives.

Recent Success Stories

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